Posted by: sistermom1 | June 17, 2018

It Has Been Awhile….


I have not posted in my blog for quite awhile — over 2 years! I am not sure what has kept me from posting, other than not wanting to post anything — (not needing to share? Unusual but true….)

A quick update: my diagnosis has not changed – According to the docs, I do still have secondary progressive MS.  I am still wheelchair-bound, although I continue to exercise, and work to walk. I have celebrated my 60th birthday. It was a great evening, with 3 friends from high school attending.  Our son graduated from college (YAY!), and our daughter graduated from high school (YAY!). Both are looking for employment (one full-time and one summer — HELP!).  Both my husband and I are dealing with aging parents and the related options/decisions.  Also, we will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary at the end of the year. (I can’s believe it has been that long!)  In October, I fell and fractured my  leg quite badly.  It took me until April to heal — after waiting to see if it would heal on its own, I had to have surgery, and the surgeon finally approved weight-bearing last month! Shortly after that, I needed my internal pain pump replaced (it was 8 years old!) and I went in the hospital again for that procedure….

Yes, it has been a busy and hectic year.  It is half over, and it is wonderful to be back blogging again.   I am ready to share more about this ongoing detour/journey – yes, this IS my journey – unplanned, challenging, revealing, often frustrating, but 100% mine!


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