I have finally started blogging! An opportunity to share my thoughts and dreams and experiences in a fashion that is much more organized (and hopefully interesting!) than I have been doing.  I’m Linda and I have been described as a diva for most of my 50+ years  (a title I gladly accept!).  This  diva’s journey has included meeting and marrying an amazing man (after a disastrous first marriage), earning a MBA while working full-time, and having two children.  Life has thrown our family several curves/detours, including losing my father from Alzheimer’s in 2005, losing contact with my only sister in 2006, and my MS becoming seriously disabling in 2007.

I blog in hopes of encouraging even one person in their struggle to win their battle with Multiple Sclerosis – or whatever obstacle they are facing.  The National MS Society (www.msandyou.org) has been incredibly helpful during this journey, and I will mention them often in my postings.  In addition to my loving sister-circle, there is a group of African American mothers who have supported and inspired me over the past ten+ years – Sistermoms, Inc. (You find us on our Facebook page).  You will read much about those amazing women in my postings.  Lastly, there is an incredible  Buddhist lay organization with members in over 192 countries – the Soka Gakkai International (www.sgi-usa.org) which I have been a member of over 30 years.  This organization has contributed significantly to my personal and spiritual growth and development over the past 25 years, and I am extremely grateful for all that I have learned.

Thanks for reading my blog.  I would love to get any feedback that you would like to share with me.   You will get postcards from this detour a few times each week, so check back in regularly….



  1. Hi I’m stopping by from http://www.BlogsHerColor.com a new blogging network geared towards women of color. You have a great blog and it’s exactly what you we are looking for in our members. If you have a moment please stop by, check out our site, and sign up for the directory.

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  2. Hello my sistah. I am so inspired by your journey. We share a very important path together as SGI-USA members! We just had our district general meeting last night and it was awesome!

    Would love to connect and share. I’m a health educator specializing in the unique health struggles of Black women. I invite you to my blog at http://www.wespeakloudly.wordpress.com, and my website at http://www.wespeakloudly.com.

    Anxious to connect!


  3. Good morning..
    Just a short note to tell you I appreciate your ‘take’ on our shared experience of MS. Your writing is intelligent, poignant and inspiring. I ordered BROKEN OPEN and am loving it.

  4. Hi! I was diagnosed with MS in 2007 but just recently started the blog that I have been writing in my head since the day I got the news. I came across you blog on another MSers blog roll and would love to add your blog to my blog roll. I completely realize that it being my blog, I can put on it what I choose, having already run into one MS blogger that “demanded” that I removed her blog from the list as she didn’t care for my sense of humor (or lack of class as she phrased it) figured I would rather ask now. I really don’t want to endorse those that feel that way although they are certainly entitled.



    • Meg,
      Thanks for your message/request. I would be pleased if you shared my blog on your blog! There are so many different people affected by this condition, and I believe that we must support each other. Have you checked out “wheelchair kamikaze” and “New Normal”? Both are great — as is this artist with MS — Cathy Aten. Please take good care of yourself, and I will be checking out your blog!

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