Posted by: sistermom1 | June 29, 2015

The Book of Mormon

Last night, my husband, daughter and I went to the Kennedy Center for a show.  We all really enjoyed it – laughed a lot and enjoyed the amazingly  talented, diverse cast.  What made it fun for me (besides the hilarious production!) is how the Kennedy Center handled handicapped patrons.  The seating was incredible — orchestra seats in the middle of the row of very comfortable chairs that could easily be moved to accommodate my wheelchair.  We also saw “Wicked” in this theatre last year, and it was very comfortable then too.

Another stand-out was the attention of the usher in our section.  During intermission she approached us to see if we needed a bathroom.  I did, and it was conveniently located — a private, easily accessible family restroom that was separate from the larger public bathroom.  (A woman who was not obviously physically handicapped was using the bathroom, and we had to wait for her to leave — she apologized profusely when she exited….My daughter swallowed her response, but mentioned it later…)  The usher also was prepared to help guide us out at the end of the performance, which we did not need, but was much appreciated.

It was a wonderful experience.  It was great having the caring attention of an experienced usher.  We thoroughly enjoyed the show — and I felt very welcome and comfortable, which is unusual for me. Thanks to the Kennedy Center for their thoughtfulness and for being such a welcoming place.  My experience as a differently-abled patron was one of the best I have had in 10 years of being in a wheelchair.  Riding through town with my family reminded me of what I used to do BW (Before Wheelchair), and was very enjoyable.  After having such a great experience, I started researching ways to get back in town to see the monuments and the museums. It has been awhile, and I have realized how limited my activities have become.

Keep you posted!!!!



  1. Good for you for stepping out. So great that it was such a wonderful experience and one that opened you up to the possibilities of other activities to enjoy as well!

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