Posted by: sistermom1 | October 7, 2020

Observing Being in your 20s in 2020

The other day, I saw a meme that read, “My kids wanted to know what it was like for me growing up. So I took their phones, turned off the internet, gave them a popsicle, and told them to go outside until the street lights come on.” All chuckling aside, many of us over 45 remember exactly what this was like. Daily life is dramatically different for kids and young adults today. First, many are concerned that it’s not at all safe for young children to be outside unsupervised anymore. Also, connection to friends through cell phones is a basic reality of life, not to mention the challenges of social media….

We parent 2 children who are 21 and 24. The challenges of parenting during a pandemic are multi-layered, but I will share several. First layer – our relationship with the kids. Thankfully, over the past five years we have been actively working on shifting our connection with them to a much more conscious one. Thanks to Dr. Shefali Tsabary and her books, entitled The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family, we have fundamentally grown as parents, and our son and daughter have both noticed this dramatic shift. Our entire family has grown closer and is sharing what’s happening a lot more easily and comfortably.

Our son (24) has a full-time job, which he has been doing from home. It is a job he enjoyed doing before the pandemic, and his room now looks like a professional office where he works, eats, sleeps talks on the phone with friends and plays video games. He has redecorated his room, which looks great, and basically treats his room like the apartment he was unable to rent because of COVID-related restrictions.

Our daughter (21) is in her senior year of college – planning to attend Grad school (we will see how THAT goes….) Her off-campus apartment sits empty. (The University landlord has not offered a refund of the rent we paid a full year in advance!) All classes are virtual, and she attends from her childhood bedroom. Most of her friends are home with their parents, missing their senior year activities, since nothing is happening.

I remember how I enjoyed my twenties...lots of nights out — comedy shows, concerts, and restaurants… Hanging out at friends’ apartments drinking too much and dancing until all hours. Catching a cab home, and getting there in time to shower and head to work… Not paying attention to anything on TV unless it was MTV or BET. Those days seem SO far away — and yes they are – not only in time, but in attitude. I have been reminiscing with many old and dear friends lately.

I don’t mean to make anyone feel bad. There are many things about being in your 20’s in 2020 that are fabulous. Consider Instagram or Facebook (OK maybe not Facebook!) You can find out anything – just Google it. So many different types of food available (Grub hub anyone?), electric cars (I know they are expensive, but what about Uber or Lyft?), Zoom (yes, that is still a good thing – although yesterday I had 4 Zoom meetings in a row!!) Even being able to share this blog is a real joy for me.

I don’t spend time feeling sorry for our kids — Despite our current political malaise. Talking to them about the Good Old Days brings so much: laughter, smiles, shocked disbelief (No cell phones? No PCs? What’s a Word Processor? What’s a fax machine?), and much more. Reminds me that being in your 20’s is an important stage along the journey of life that should be enjoyed. After all, It is what it is!

Love you all,



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