Posted by: sistermom1 | July 16, 2020

A Conscious Diva

Today is Certification Day!

I just completed studying to become a Conscious Parenting Coach! For the past few years, I have been participating in classes with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, whose books, The Conscious Parent, Out of Control, and The Awakened Family introduced me to a more awake way to parent my children, who are now 21 and 24. These books really changed the way I connected with them, the way I interact with my family-of-origin, and the way I approach other moms and my  fabulous mom group – Sistermoms.

According to Dr. Tsabary, “… to parent consciously requires us to undergo personal transformation. In fact, it’s my experience that the relationship between parent and child exists for the primary purpose of the parent’s transformation and only secondarily for the raising of the child.”

Since first reading these words in 2014, my life as a parent began shifting — up until 5 months ago, when, along with handling pandemic-related issues, I began training to become a parent coach certified in the Conscious Parenting Method.

The training required us to open our lives wide to examine things like why we became parents, the state of our marriages/partnerships, our relationships with our families-of-origin, our childhood experiences, as well as how to successfully work with other families to help them awaken.

The classes and Buddy work required to earn this certification were life- and perspective-altering.  Not only that, seeing a wide variety of parenting styles combined with role-plays in real-time, made me think about how to help other people re-assess their own parenting journeys.  After all, one of the best ways to help the next generation is to awaken their parents. We learned  that our children are our teachers, and that it is not our place to rule over them – much like the hierarchical approach embraced by  traditional parenting (which had often been modeled by our parents!)

And now that graduation is complete – what now?  Well, this Diva on a Detour is getting ready for yet another stop along the way… I’m excited to move forward as a Conscious Parent Coach!






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