Posted by: sistermom1 | November 16, 2015

A Pre-Holiday Apology

Difficult to believe that the holidays are upon us. I am definitely looking forward to getting together with friends and family over the next few weeks — from now to the end of the year. it has been a great year — very significant and quite enjoyable.

This year my husband and I went to FNCC (a Buddhist retreat in Florida), we celebrated my 58th birthday (and my husband’s 59th!). This year I splurged on season tickets to Arena Stage, spent more time with my (86-year old) mother, participated in a monthly Movie Club, helped coordinate a local-area family reunion, learned much more about expanding my life through prayer (, and started seeing a new functional medicine doctor….among many other things.
Also, our children had great accomplishments this year, including our daughter’s first performance in a school musical, having an 11-1 tennis season, and being invited to join the National Honor Society. Our son completed a great freshman year in college and launched a successful sophomore year as a College Park Scholar. As for my husband, he remains gainfully and happily employed, and his loving smile greets me every morning, as he takes care of our family.

But enough about this – here is my apology:

I apologize in advance to everyone who will be bringing food to our celebrations this holiday season. My journey to health this year has included a strict shift to a paleo diet. In a nutshell, this means that I must avoid consuming wheat, corn, wheat flour, sugar, most fruit, and dairy. This is not a choice for me to be “in”, or to get on the hot new trend bandwagon. This is a choice for me to try to manage MS in my life. When I do not eat the wonderful food that you bring, please do not take it personally, feel badly, or encourage me to eat.

This decision has truly been difficult for me to implement — I LOVE mac and cheese, pasta, cake, cookies and ice cream. (I’ll still have a VERY little taste of these things over the holidays – only when I make that choice.)  I have been working on this nutrition plan for most of this year, and I already can feel the difference. My doctor said that it will take a while for the healing to really show itself, but already many of you have told me how clear my skin is, how I have lost weight, and how my feet are less swollen. I have more energy every day, and it feels great!  Thank you all so much for your support. Please keep it up over the holidays. PLEASE go ahead and enjoy the great food — I will be enjoying my meals, knowing that good health is coming my way with every bite that I take!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!


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