Posted by: sistermom1 | June 14, 2015

Our children continue to be exquisite beings

Not because of what they have accomplished in their lives (they have done so much already and there is more to come!) but because of who they are.  It is a great realization for me as we go through this life together.  This weekend has been a bit stressful – Our daughter mistakenly ate something with nuts in it and had a major allergic reaction.  She and my husband rushed to the hospital where they spent about 9 hours getting her treatment.  At the same time, I got  a call from my brother that my 86-year young mother had fallen in the mall, took herself to the doctor (after purchasing her shoes !) and has been diagnosed with a fractured wrist.

Not being able to get there to be with either of them is a constant in my life. I am learning the immense power of prayer to surround those I care about with loving energy – especially when I can be there to do it in person. That however is not what this post is about!

After all of this news, our college sophomore son made it home after kayaking with a group of friends (which I am glad I didn’t know about while he was doing it! Otherwise I would have been beside myself with worry — these dramatic events tend to come in threes!) I told him what was happening — His eyes got so wide that I almost couldn’t see the rest of his face.  The total empathy and concern that he showed for both of them truly amazed me.

I heard him later talking to a friend about what happened to his Grandmother, and he laughingly shared how tough his grandmother and his sister are, how they both were doing and about how concerned he is about both of them.  He also talked mentioned how calm I was during the whole thing (he didn’t see me being emotional, chanting and crying before he got home!)

I woke up this morning to see that my daughter is happy, smiling and feeling much better. She is very tough, and is focused on resting today and doing what she needs to do as we move forward (taking time to read ingredient labels, if something looks suspicious, just don’t eat it regardless of what your friends recommend, keep an epipen on you at all times…). My mother is good – has an appointment for a hard cast tomorrow, and is already trying to manage our next steps with Lindsey (no matter how old I get, and even in a wheelchair, my mother really believes that she is in charge…) As for our son, his first words when he came downstairs were “How are Gummie and Lindsey doing?” Of course once he got the answer, he became completely self-involved….

And as for that thing about happening in threes?….well a friend had something dramatic happen in her family tonight — sending her prayers of love and support, while appreciating that our drama was not more severe….



  1. There is an allergy elimination technique called NAET that some acupuncturists do. My son got over a lifelong allergy to chicken and bananas. A friend, no longer allergic to cats. Both, after 1 treatment!!
    May want to check that out for Lindsey!
    I’m sorry I don’t have anyone I can recommend but googling it should find you someone.

    • Thanks so much! We will definitely follow up on this!

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