Posted by: sistermom1 | March 23, 2014

MS — by my Numbers…

This month marks the 9th anniversary of my MS diagnosis. How to commemorate this auspicious, life-changing event – and is the word “anniversary” even appropriate?

First number – I am now 57 years old – an age that I always felt I would reach and go beyond. Getting here with a full life and an open heart is more of an accomplishment than I ever considered, as there are several friends and colleagues (Older and younger) who are no longer on this plain with me. I miss them and take a moment now to thank them for coming into my life for even a brief moment to teach me so many lessons.

So what are some of my other important numbers?

19 – the years I have been married
17 – the years I have been a mother
30 – the years I have been a SGI member (
8 – months until travel to FNCC (a spiritual spa in Florida)
5 – the years I have been blogging
2 – the months before I will complete my book for publishing!

With so many numbers running through my mind, I have been examining my own life and relationships. One big realization that is overarching everything else:

Our problems do have a purpose — they are the door through which we must walk to have the experiences/lessons we need to learn in this life. Here’s some of what’s happening right now.

– With weekly in-home nursing and disciplined exercise, my physical improvements continue – and have been slow but steady.
– Our family continues to move forward towards their own goals/accomplishments – Our son was accepted into his first choice college! Our daughter continues to enjoy her freshman year in high school, my husband continues to work at a major new assignment, which is challenging and exciting for him.
– I have a stronger relationship with each of my docs – thanks to my exposure to and learning from Mind over Medicine by Lissa Rankin
– I have come to appreciate this journey to stillness and what my MS experience has opened in my life. This has exposed me to much that has quieted my mind and helped me live more whole heartedly, like any book by Brene Brown, Martha Beck, Cheryl Richardson or Louise Hay. In addition to regularly chanting and studying Buddhist writings, I began a daily meditation practice, and started tapping, which has helped me disconnect from the limiting beliefs that have been running rampant in my life.
– Through applying much of my reading, I have become more mindful of what I am doing, how I am feeling, and as a result the effect that I am having in the world — regardless of my wheelchair. I find myself being open, confident and less judgmental of others as I progress along my pathway — not limited by anyone else’s idea about who and what I am supposed to be.

These are some of the numbers that come to mind. Happy Anniversary to me — and to my entire family. As we move forward, I start 2014 with my goal of walking again intact, but I am not waiting for that to accomplish the other goals I have set for myself. I remain determined, energized and ready to face this year!



  1. I loved reading this post. I am thrilled that you are one of the people (and teacher) who came into my life. You are a remarkable woman, seeker, student, teacher. You are very often in my mind and always in my heart.
    Much love, Bev

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