Posted by: sistermom1 | December 1, 2013

Ending 2013

It’s the end of the year. Time to reflect and to take stock — something I do every year — although things are very different now, the general idea remains the same. This year is ending with a bit of a bang.

Spiritual growth — I am still reveling in the aftermath of the Hay House I Can Do It conference. ( I highly recommend attending this event, wherever you live. The speakers were incredible, and they made me think about how I am spending my life, as well as how to get more out of every day. I have continued to deepen my Buddhist practice by chanting more every day, and pushing myself to grow beyond my personal likes and dislikes to be a more compassionate and mindful person. I have cleaned out my TV-watching, virtually eliminating the reality TV that I watched mindlessly. I won’t mention any specific shows here, but you can read about my guilty pleasures in a previous posting! I participated in two meditation classes with Oprah and Deepak this year, and they were absolutely life-changing. After reading two powerful books (Mind Over Medicine and Finding You Way in a Wild New World — check them both out on I attended a “Finding your calling” web class led by Martha Beck, Amy Ahlers and Lissa Rankin ( As a result of this class, I decided to move forward on a major project next year!

Health and nutrition — After 6 weeks of PT, I end the year with a nurse coming twice weekly to help me exercise. I got a great recipes from Kris Carr for green juice, which I drink every day. I use the standing frame every evening, for at least an hour. I have set some significant goals over the next 6 months – at least getting back to where I was 2 years ago before the UTI (I walked 20 feet with the help of a walker), and I can see it ahead.

Family — My relationships with several members of my extended family have grown significantly and positively. We hosted a phenomenal Thanksgiving holiday gathering at our home. I have enjoyed wonderful times this year with my spouse and children. Our daughter is loving high school and is progressing in her weight loss goals. Our son continues his move forward in the college application process.

I have finally moved forward with several things I have been postponing — I ordered a threshold ramp to facilitate my using my wheelchair, I also finally ordered some new holiday decorations. We are starting to plan our area’s 10th annual MS Women on the Move luncheon. I have proudly been involved with this event all 10 years, which would never have happened had I not been diagnosed with MS. We have raised several million dollars for MS research. As I mentioned earlier, I am excited to share that I am self-publishing a book in 2014 with the working title – Diva on a Mission – my journey through marriage, motherhood and MS! Stay tuned….

Despite starting this morning with a fall…I will not be derailed!


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