Posted by: sistermom1 | September 30, 2013

A Perspective-Changing Weekend

I don’t even know how to start .

I spent the last two days at a conference sponsored by Hay House called I Can Do It. ( I went on my own, coming home both nights. It was the first time in many years that I was completely on my own, all day, without my husband or children to rely on or help me. I was nervous about doing it, but deep inside I felt that this was something I really needed to do.
That was right on so many levels.

The universe really supported me through the entire weekend. Metro Access was on time and all four drivers were all positive and helpful.
The hotel was fabulous — ( Easy to access – even the bathrooms! – and dining options were plentiful and delicious. The staff at the conference was positive, helpful and supportive, and the conference speakers were absolutely incredible – perspective-altering and life-changing!!!!!!!

There is much to say about my experience this weekend. I learned a lot about myself and the universe and how things really work. I left the weekend inspired and confident that in fact I CAN do it — I am ready to face my illness and any other concern that reveals itself to me for a solution. I am seeing my obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow and to WIN
Thank you so much Louise Hay and Hay House for an incredible, empowering weekend! So much more to come…..



  1. Linda you are a light.

  2. I went to I Can Do It last weekend and am sooooo filled with inspiring! I wrote about it in my blog too in case you are interested:

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