Posted by: sistermom1 | August 28, 2013


I was introduced to meridian tapping about a year ago, and I have recently begun to incorporate it into my daily schedule. It has had a tremendous positive impact on my energy and my attitude. The universe does bring exactly what you need if you are paying attention, and lately I have been trying to pay closer attention.

The book The Tapping Solution defines tapping this way: “Based on the principles of both ancient acupressure and modern psychology, tapping concentrates on specific meridian endpoints while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations. Combined with spoken word, tapping helps calm the nervous system to restore the balance of energy in the body and rewire the brain to respond in a healthy way.”

I’ve been reading a lot about energy medicine and how powerful it can be to use it for helping promote healing. After tapping for some time, I am starting to see that a low-level of anxiety and frustration undergird every aspect of my life. In the past I have referred to it as “my control issues”, but lately I see the role that these feelings have played in my life. They have lived in my physical body for years, and I have ignored and dismissed their affect.

Since my diagnosis, I have continually focused my energy and efforts on finding and accessing a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. After a life-changing session with Lissa Rankin, I have changed my prayer. Along with praying and working for a cure, I have a goal of healing. What’s the difference? “Cure” is defined as “absence of disease”, while “healing” is defined as “to become whole”. An important distinction which was lost on me before. We can be one without the other, and if I had to choose one would rather be whole.

I feel like now is a critical time on my detour. So much wonderful, powerful and life-changing information is coming into my life, and I am deeply grateful and determined not only to learn as much as I can and personally use it to grow and heal, but to share it with others who are travelling beside me. Finding meaning on this detour is a lovely gift, and I promise to remember this feeling whenever I am feeling differently…



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