Posted by: sistermom1 | April 14, 2013

The Cherry Blossoms have Bloomed!

Over 100 years ago, Japan gave a gift of cherry blossom trees to the Nation’s Capital. The trees were planted around the monuments and tidal basin in gratitude of and to represent the friendship between our two countries. I have visited the cherry blossoms annually since I moved to this area at the age of eight. They are a supremely beautiful harbinger of spring, and are a huge part of my growing up — I have pictures of myself with friends and visiting relatives over many years posing in front of those trees. I have pictures of my children with a background of those trees. Up until last week, it seemed like winter was going to hold on to our area for a while – keeping things cold and dreary for much longer than the groundhog predicted in February. (only 6 more weeks of winter you say? Hah!)

It is the most beautiful thing to see those blossoms come back to life! Besides signaling the start of spring, the cherry blossoms remind me that life comes back again — every year we watch and wait, often holding our collective breath — until they burst forth, exuding their sweet fragrance and surrounding the monuments looking like puffy cotton candy. (I would draw an analogy to my own health challenges, but I won’t!)

Then there are the parades. As a member of SGI, I have memories of long practices spent marching and dancing around the Pentagon parking lot to a wide variety of music preparing to march down Pennsylvania Avenue representing SGI’s world peace movement in a Cherry Blossom parade. I have been fortunate enough to have marched in many parades in several costumes; kimonos, twirling capes, beating batons, and twirling flags, before the organization stopped participating in the parades. These are golden memories for me now — many years later.

So now what? I enjoy the cherry blossoms from a wheelchair, happily remembering activities from years ago, and knowing that I cannot yet take one step down Pennsylvania Avenue unassisted. Of course, this can change — with enough medicine, physical therapy and positive prayers. I remain determined to win — and just like the cherry blossoms, bloom beautifully again. See you then!


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