Posted by: sistermom1 | January 25, 2013

A Super Soul Sunday

This past Sunday was an amazing day — filled with messages for me:

I started the day watching Sunday Morning (a show that I have watched every Sunday for the past 20+ years)
In it I was introduced to Nick Vujicic, a man who was born without legs and arms, and who has become a published author and international motivational speaker. He is a true example not only of overcoming dramatic circumstances, but of fulfilling his mission on the planet. The segment was incredibly encouraging and filled me with such energy and spirit to start my day. It also left me with this question: “Exactly what am I waiting for?”

Why am I waiting to do the things that I am here on this earth to do?  Am I waiting until I get a little better?  Until things are a little easier?  Until I can walk on my own?

Next was my weekly dose of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  The author of my absolute favorite book, A New Earth, was on.  Eckhart Tolle reminded me of many ideas presented in his book that I needed to hear again: the ego, the power of the present moment, the pain-body, the voice in my head is not who I am

Next was seeing Jean Houston on OWN.  She reminded me of more things that I need to be channeling on a regular basis.  More on that later, and left me wondering — How do I add value to the planet?

At the end of the day, I watched OWN again and was encouraged to see pastor Ric Warren, who shared his sermon on life’s challenges as a poker game.  He says that there are four cards that you have been dealt that you cannot control.  They are:  Chemistry, Circumstances, Connections, Consciousness, and the final one that you can control is Choices.  A very inspiring (and unexpected!) part of the program, Nick Vujicic spoke from the audience and came to the stage.  What a way to bookend my day!

The day left me with the knowledge that waiting to get better is not what I need to do.  I need to get going — get moving on my mission right now.  My challenges continue, and the universe is always responding.  I just need to pay attention and remember that every person is a spiritual being having a very human experience.  That is not the truth only for other people — it applies to me as well.  I am a spiritual entity having a human experience.  And at the end of the day I am reminded of something that Joseph Campbell said — “The priviledge of a lifetime is being who you are.”



  1. Sounds like you had a full Sunday! But I love and may have to use that last quote because I’m actively working on that…being who I am.

    • Thanks Nicole,
      I do love that last quote — it is my closing of every email I send — a great reminder! How is your reading of You are not Your Illness going? I have started re-reading it…

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