Posted by: sistermom1 | December 7, 2012

Sisterfriends — A True Blessing

In 1999 our pediatrician and I organized a group of African American mothers.   I really needed a group of women  to support my journey of motherhood.  I was enjoying being a mother, and my own mother had a strong circle of women around to help her navigate the ups and downs of parenting.  (They were be able to talk to me when she absolutely could not!)  Sistermoms started with 9 members and over the years has grown to close to 400 members, who are spread across the country and even on other continents.   When we started, I had no idea how much I would need the energy of this amazing sisterhood myself — not only to help guide my motherhood journey, but also my journey as a wife, friend, and as someone challenged with an unexpected health obstacle.

In another example of what Deepak Chopra calls “synchrodestiny”, I happened to see Iyanla Vanzant’s work with 6 Black Chicks – a group of 6 Black women bloggers that seriously imploded due to in-fighting and mistrust.  She said something while working with them that deeply resonated for me.  “You have no idea why you have been brought together — there is the reason you consciously came together but there is also a deeper reason that Spirit had in mind.  You still don’t know what that may be — it has yet to be seen.”  This was on my mind this weekend as I hosted a Sistermoms meeting in my home, after many months of connecting online.   I had no idea that we would still be together as a group as my children enter high school — and am still amazed that we were able to celebrate our 13th anniversary.  It was a representative group, and it was a very special, meaningful and loving session.

I won’t share specifics, because one of the by-laws of our meetings is “What is said here stays here”.   I will only share that this group of amazing women expressed much love and support of each other’s struggle to support and encourage our children, grow into more effective parents, and traverse life with a range of new situations (post-divorce, aging parents, illness and parenting teenagers…).  What can I say, other than I am truly blessed.  Thank you Sistermoms for continuing to be here whenever I need you. Being able to rely on you is a true blessing, and I don’t take it for granted!


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