Posted by: sistermom1 | November 8, 2012

Keeping Motivated

I have been exposed to many things this week that have really opened my mind on this journey:

I started an online 21-day meditation plan ( ).  Each day has been incredible and I highly recommend it.  It is a great way for me to begin every day with 15 minutes of going within.  The silence within has been a wonderful wellspring of quiet wisdom for me.  And it was there all the time!  I am only 3 days in, and I already feel like a very different, better centered person, which is a true gift.

I attended another yoga class. The local MS Society is offering a seven-week seated yoga class in my area, and it has been a wonderful experience.  Our instructor also is a licensed massage therapist who can come to your home, which is something that I have been seeking for some time.  She also gave me a great acupuncturist who will come to my home– something else I have been looking for!

I was introduced to a video from a doctor who reversed her MS symptoms by dramatically changing her diet.  This woman was in a wheelchair and could not walk, but within 3 months of implementing this change she was able to walk with a cane!  Find her amazing video at  I am preparing myself to begin a new stage of this journey with a new diest and nutrition plan.  I will keep you posted!

I recently began reading You are not your illness by Linda Toble Nopf.  This book has provided me with another more productive way of living with MS without letting it define me.  In the introduction she shares: “The message I would like to bring to anyone facing a serious illness starts with this statement: No matter what the diagnosis, the name of the disease, or the mode of treatment, always remember that who you are is not somebody with an illness.  Who you are is somebody, somebody who matters! Embrace that somebody.  Love that person.  And you will discover your true identity beyond illness.  This is perhaps the most important insight I have to offer others.”

This reading has helped me to see that I had begun defining myself through my illness.  My life was beginning to collapse around me in a self-made coccoon that felt warm and comfortable, but was really constraining and limiting.  Lately, I have started reading more, participating in more, and taking more of an active role in my own life.  Not only does it feel better to me, but the energy is reflected in my family in a positive way.  Things have really started to improve!

We are now getting ready to participate in our annual couples retreat.  I already discussed it with my husband and we are ready to go and have a fabulous time.  I have already promised myself that I will not let my illness prevent me from enjoying this time with friends who we love and value.  I have already called the property to understand exactly what they have to serve guests with disabilities, and they have LOTS!  Many of the things that I have written about today have helped me take charge of my experience with no apologies, which is very new for me.  I am excited and motivated by this latest turn of events, and am looking forward to this next stage of my life!


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