Posted by: sistermom1 | September 29, 2012

Letting Go of Still More…

I have been doing a lot more reading over the past few weeks, and I continue to learn how to let go of the past ways that I used to do things.
Some of the things that I am working to place into my life habits include what I have read in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s latest book – Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting:

– Never place into your imagination any thought you would not want to materialize.
– Never allow your imagination to be contaminated by ideas about how your life used to be.
– Your imagination is yours and yours alone.
– Do not let your imagination be restricted by the current conditions of your life.

Two other books that have helped me determine a new way of being in the world are Self Healing Made Easy by Betty Iams and The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  I have heard it said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  I encountered these books exactly at the time I was ready to read and implement them in my life.   Ms. Iams’ book has forced me to examine many things about myself, including the role that fear has been playing in my life.   Turns out that fear has played a huge role, although it was not obvious. I see that many decisions that I make have been motivated by what I perceive to be my limitations.  In favor of making life easier for myself and those who care about me, I have opted not to do things that would end up forcing me to stretch my capacity.  I have often taken what I have felt was the easiest option rather than take the one that makes me stretch.  What does this look like?

Two examples:  1.) I have the chance to participate in a spiritual retreat in Florida, and I have hesitated confirming, despite the fact that I really need it.  Fear of plane travel when I am wheelchair-bound, fear of needing someone to travel with me, fear of intruding on other people’s schedules, fear of being without my husband and family for a weekend has kept me from making a decision to go.   2.) I have already confirmed my participation in a weekend spa retreat with good friends.  I am really very excited about going.  Lately though, fear has raised its ugly head and has made me re-consider going.  I hate needing special attention from any of my girlfriends.  I hate to inconvenience them at all or to impact their activities in any way.  Helping me usually does impact others, and brings them into my life closer than usual.  To quote another MS blogger, “I hate making my life so transparent” to others.   It really bothers me — it doesn’t bother them in the least, just me.  The fact is, replace the word “bother” in the [refious sentence with the word “scares”.  Being out of my regular schedule away from home, even in a luxury hotel does scare me, and if I let it, the fear takes over and I won’t join them.  Based on this new awareness, I have determined not to let fear become the driver of my life.  I shared my new determination with my husband, who as usual, expressed his complete support.  (Have I shared lately how lucky I am?)

Yes, I do continue to let go — this time I am letting go of fear.  More to come….


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