Posted by: sistermom1 | September 5, 2012


One year ago this month,I had a Baclofen pump implanted. For the past 12 months,I have been working with my doctor (he is excellent!) to manage the dosage of Baclofen necessary for me to successfully manage the spasticity that I experience as a result of having Relapsing-Remitting MS.   By all accounts, the year passed quickly (except when it didn’t…). Every week I was at my doc’s office. Together, we tweaked the dosage until we were able to get it strong enough to last me through the night,without spasms, and then we worked on the daytime hours until we were able to get down to my having only only a few spasms during the day. I continue to consult with him — the goal is to eliminate the muscle spasms completely — no oral Baclofen necessary.  Once that is done, I will be able to start physical therapy and possibly botox shots to manage a contraction in my left leg (More on that later!).

Like Rosanne Rosanna Danna (remember her?) used to say on Saturday Night Live many years ago, “It’s always something.”

I am very thankful that my pain is being managed much more successfully.  I continue along my pathway – however rugged — towards improved health.  On most days, I feel that my goal of perfect health is achievable.  On the other days, I feel overwhelmed by the physical pain.  On this anniversary, I thank my doctors, my physical therapists, my nurses, and all of those who have helped me get here.  I will keep on moving forward, and with the support of my family and close friends, I remain determined to walk again!



  1. Linda! I just got this email from Ed which had your blog link attached! I am so encouraged and inspired by your blog! Happy Birthday Lindsey? There’s a birthday in here somewhere. So, I am so happy that the pump is being effective and I totally know that you will walk very soon…although I do admire your scooter! There is something to be said for speed and the fact that you can carry lots of stuff at once. When you walk, you will have both options, totally cool.

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