Posted by: sistermom1 | March 24, 2012

Good Medicine

I have never been a person who takes medicine — even when it is prescribed. In fact, as I was growing up I rarely even took an aspirin. I much preferred taking a nap to taking any pill. Well, fast forward to 2012. As a person diagnosed with MS who has decided to combine western and eastern medicine practices to treat my condition, I now do need to take a few meds on a regular basis. Note: what used to be a long list of meds is now only 3.

This makes me feel pleased, but the past few months have been the most challenging I have ever experienced.  I continue battling an infection, which has left me physically weak.  I have kept researching the effects of infections on MS.  I have made the decision to keep a clean diet, and to exercise more regularly.  Despite the fact that I am feeling weaker than ever,  I have been sleeping calmly through the night for the past few days.  This has been wonderful.  My meds have been checked and adjusted and most of the time I am feeling better.  When the infection is really cleared up, I will return to physical therapy, which isvery exciting, and a little scary.

Today I did read something that really inspired me — I am so encouraged that I stumbled over it today.  Another example of the universe giving me what I need, and I hope it also inspires you:

“Any difficulty, when viewed from the standpoint of faith, can be made into a cause for your own growth. You can break through every wall that stands before you, expand your state of life and accumulate good fortune.”

This reminds me of the ultimate purpose of any challenge that I face, including this MFing MS.  As I sit here today, it also inspires me to keep moving.  Another dose of good medicine — Thank you JG for sharing it with me! 


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