Posted by: sistermom1 | March 12, 2012

Status Report: Mid-March

I have had a hectic and challenging few weeks. I have continued to deal with what was left after my major exacerbation last month, and it has not been pretty. I have had four doctor appointments, 3 MRIs and countless moments of panic and emotionalism. What is going on? Why are things the way that they are? I had been doing so well and feeling very strong a month ago — and now here I am unable to walk (even with a walker) and dealing with even more spasticity than I ever remember having. It is challenging to keep moving forward and to maintain a positive outlook as things feel like they are getting worse every day. In addition to my faith, one thing that has kept me going is my team of medical professionals — months ago I had decided to build a new team, and although it has taken me some time to bring it all together, it has happened — thankfully just in time to deal with this exacerbation.

After spending 2 weeks with my PCP eradicating the UTI that started this whole experience, my neurologist has approved me going back on my MS meds.  He also prescribed a 5 day dosage of IV steroids, and I am on day three.  I feel dramatically better.  The muscle spasms and inflammation have seriously reduced, and I am feeling much more in control of my body.  I feel soooo much better, and am now just beginning to see how difficult things had become for me and how out of control things had become. 

It is amazing (and a bit disturbing) how much I had begun to adapt to my increasing discomfort.  It had become easy for me to accept what seemed like my developing disability.  Without my new PCP and neurologist I might not have had the energy to get their opinions and follow their recommendations.  Based on our interactions, I have added a urologist to my medical team, since a UTI seems to be something that may occur more regularly with this condition.

As we reach mid-March, I am getting ready for the next stage of this battle.  In January, I was making great progress with my P/T, and had walked several feet with the help of a walker.  Now, my docs have told me that once my steroid IV course has completed, and I get a bit more stable I can go back to P/T.  They tell me that I can get back to where I was and that I should be able to move ahead from there.  My dream of getting stronger and healthier and even walking again on my own had been fading, but is back now, and I am definitely feeling better.

I stumbled across this quote today, and it is helping me put my experience over this last few weeks into perspective.  It is from Norman Vincent Peale:  “If you ever wake up without a problem, you better get down on your knees and pray for one, because otherwise you just died.”

Thankfully I am still alive and am able to address my problems, even the ones I hate.  I am now moving forward with new energy, looking ahead positively —  still expecting great things.  This part of my journey has been difficult, no kidding.  I have learned that for the first time in several years, good friends and friends of family were collectively and openly worrying about me and my health.  Notes and cards of encouragement from many people started appearing in my snail mail and email.  This was a bit jarring for me since I am the one who typically sends these kinds of messages to others.  I definitely appreciate receiving them — they arrived at the ideal time.  The universe continues to respond to me and protect me through this detour, and I am very happy.



  1. Glad things are talking a turn for the better!

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