Posted by: sistermom1 | January 13, 2012


Sometimes the answer to our prayers is “No”. Sometimes the answer is “Not yet”, and many times it is “Yes”. Either way, my prayer continues, until I get it right — pray with the right attitude (always with gratitude) and pray for the best outcome, rather than solely for what I think I want. Through this ongoing health experience I have received many opportunities to learn about myself, and to reflect on the things I pray for and about. 

Yesterday, I did experience a major breakthrough — something I have been wotking on and praying about for a very long time.  With the assistance of a walker, I actually took several steps.  I was able to walk about 15 feet!  When I finished and sat down, I burst into tears that were full of appreciation and joy.  It has been so very long since I was able to stand and support my own weight and move forward without a wheelchair!  It brings tears to my eyes as I remember it even now.  

I have written before about the impact of a strong, experienced physical therapist.  The folks I have been working with this time around are really incredible — positive, supportive, and strict (like one of your favorite elementary school teachers), and I thank them all very much for everything that they are doing to support my improvement.  I certainly would not be able to do any of it without their prodding, direction and encouragement.

My journey continues, but it was so amazing to come home this evening (via Metro Access!) and share my accomplishment with my family.  Everyone was inspired and hopeful when I shared that I had actually taken several steps with a walker.  I had really been feeling sad, stuck and disappointed about my lack of progress.  Although I continued to pray about improvement in my health, I was unsure about what was really happening underneath it all.  There were so many disparate exercises.  What did rolling on my stomach on the mat, flexing my feet, or sitting on the edge of a mat with my hands in my lap have to do with being able to walk?

Yesterday’s experience inspires me in so many ways.  Keep exercising.  Do your best.  Keep praying.  Keep moving on behalf of others  (We were able to donate several pieces of furniture to a local non-profit that works to prevent homelessness, ).  Being able to walk with a walker — even a little bit — is just the first step (pun intended!) towards my continued improvement.  It reminds me that my prayers are being answered every day.  Just when I needed to see it, something major happened to remind me that everything happens in its own time, and exactly when it is supposed to – not a minute before.

Thanks again to the universe, and to those who I am fortunate to have in my life helping me along this detour…..



  1. Very inspiring as always. I’m so glad your Mom shared your blog with me. You are in my prayers!

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