Posted by: sistermom1 | January 1, 2012

Learning from Others

“One of the great paradoxes of dealing with MS: it’s a disease one of whose hallmark symptoms is weakness, yet it demands the utmost strength from those dealing with it.”

The above is from a very interesting blog – Wheelchair Kamikaze.  Written by a man who has been diagnosed  with Primary Progressive MS. Check him out on I have been learning a great deal from the blogosphere, including from Cathy Paten who was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago and who is an accomplished artist in her own right.  She has written an entry called How to Be With a Disabled Person in which she lists several things that friends can do to help us manage our physical conditions better.  In one paragraph she reminds friends:


I know that people who care about me want so much to let me know they are here for me in whatever way I might need. The thing is: I often DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS because this is such uncharted territory; for both me and my compadres. I have had to pull into myself and rearrange my values, needs, desires, finances, spirituality, social life, closet, pet care, diet, exercise and living situation. IF I have any juice left over- you will get it, I promise. Believe me, this takes a big dose of “BE NICE TO YOURSELF, CATH…” I beat myself up because I am so much less available to you and I don’t really like it.”

I really connected with this entry, and encourage any of you who read this blog to check Cathy out at  Another excellent writer is Nicole Lemelle who blogs about her experience with MS and its challenges at

There are many bloggers out there living with MS, and although I do not spend my days on the web reading blogs, of the ones I have read most recently these have affected me the most.   They have helped me deal more successfully with the challenges that I face each day, and I thank the bloggers for that — it is a true blessing.

Starting 2012 I remain determined to grow and enjoy my life every day, and to make a difference in the world one act at a time.  This is something I can do with or without MS, but this part of my journey does include MS.  I am at a point where I am ready to stop resisting it so much and to ease up and allow it to move me forward in whatever direction is most value-creative and meaningful.  I start this year in a good place, looking ahead to the adventures of a newly-invigorated life with my wonderful family.


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