Posted by: sistermom1 | November 6, 2011

We’ve Done A Lot

Since leaving the hospital at the end of August, we are fortunate to have gotten a lot done:

– I have completed 2 months of at-home P/T with an amazing therapist.   “B” is a knowledgeable, experienced professional with a wonderful sense of humor.  With her encouragement I have made great progress, although it is taking much longer than I ever expected.  I am not yet walking, but I am standing with a walker, I can get into a car using a sliding board, and she gave me ideas that helped me get to the shower upstairs.  Thank you so much “B”.  I will miss working with you, but I am looking forward to working with the P/T equipment in the clinic as an outpatient.

– I am scheduled for a mobility clinic.  When I was in the hospital, I learned that I am strong enough to use a manual wheelchair, and that it is better for me than the electric scooter that I have been using since my illness progressed back in 2007.   This was a huge “aha moment” for me, as I just thought it was better to have an electric chair or scooter.  I am fortunate to have a few to choose from, but after my month with a P/T in the hospital (thanks “J”), I learned better, so I am doing better.  The clinic will expose me to the new wheelchairs, and I will be able to select one for my future use.

– We renovated a first-floor bathroom.  I can now take a daily shower safely, without needing to negotiate the large step in the shower upstairs.  I have a roll-in shower, and it is roomy and perfectly suited to my needs. 

– We also have a new stackable washer/dryer upstairs, and returned the old ones to the basement.  This has made things a lot easier for my entire family, and has even increased the re-sale value of our house (once we decide we are ready to sell!)

-We are even scheduled to replace the passenger seat in our car with one that will make it easier for me to get in.  The seat will actually come out of the car, enabling me to transfer in from my wheelchair.  It will then lift back into the car.  This will make it much easier for me to go out, since I am not yet able to stand to get in the car on my own.

– I applied to be able to use the local service that complements our bus and subway system by picking up individuals who cannot use it independently.  This is something huge for me, as it has taken me a while to see myself as a person who needs this kind of help.  It is great that I even have the option of using it — only my pride kept me from doing this years ago.  I was picked up and taken to the central office for an interview/assessment.  They did approve my using the system, which is returning some independence I have not had in several years.  I will write about this experience some other time — it was a bit of a challenge, but everything worked out positively.

All of this has taken time, patience and money.  I am fortunate that we have been able to do all of these things so quickly.  This is an incredible blessing.  My intention of writing this blog entry is not to brag, but simply to express my appreciation to my husband and family, to each of the wonderful people I have met in the process of accomplishing these things, and of course, to the universe that has responded to my needs in such a dramatic way.  As I consider where we are right at this moment, I am reminded about something I read from the philosopher Lao Tzu:

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”



  1. So glad to hear that there are tools and services that assist and benefit you. Your positive spirit is an inspiration. Blessings to you and your family.

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