Posted by: sistermom1 | November 4, 2011


I have spent at least an hour today (and the day before) unsubscribing my email address from a number of companies that have been sending me unsolicited emails about their products and services. 

Now, I am a bit “old school”, and strongly feel that if I am interested in buying something from you, I will contact you to purchase it.  I don’t believe that just because you happen to be selling something (travel, real estate, insurance, internet business, etc.) that I should know about it.  I am perfectly capable of finding you on my own, especially via the web. 

To be honest with you, these things did not really bother me in the past — I just deleted them (kind of like throwing away junk mail without opening it)  I may just be getting cranky in my middle age, but my need to control the things that I can in my environment has made me ready to take on this project with abandon.

Since I am in a wheelchair most of the day, and I am not working, I do have the time to do this.  It is irritating, tedious work, but I do feel like I am accomplishing something important when I do it.  Clearing out my inbox (I hate seeing so many emails from people I don’t know about things I am not interested in when I log on for the day) makes me feel lighter and freer in a small way.  It is empowering – kind of like when I wrote the letter to the hospital last month about the nurses, or my calls to compliment those who have done wonderful work for me and my family. 

Spending the time unsubscribing has been worthwhile.  Now, as soon as I see an email from an address I do not recognize, it goes right to the “spam”file, unopened.  I will stop giving my energy away, letting random messages take up space in my brain and psyche (and inbox).  This may be a small thing to those of you who already do this, but it is a big one for me, and I am so proud of myself!!!!


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