Posted by: sistermom1 | October 25, 2011

Another shopping story

While our son worked on “a ton of homework” (can you say “high school”?), my husband, daughter and I headed to the mall. Shopping is something that I used to do regularly before my diagnosis — something I have not been able to do since before going in the hospital. I did not realize how much I missed it until yesterday. We had a great time — even though my husband hates shopping.

Spending time picking out clothes is a real positive memory from my childhood. I loved shopping with my own mother.  Our style taste was very similar (classic — nothing too trendy) so shopping was always fun. Although it is very different now —  looking through the racks from a wheelchair is really challenging, as is navigating through the store aisles – even finding a bathroom.  My daughter and I did have fun – yes, she is 12 years old, but she has a strong fashion sense of her own, which I am learning to encourage (smile).

We did find some great clothes for her — something I was not sure that I had the physical ability to do.  I had forgotten how much energy shopping does take – especially when you are buying clothes for someone else.  I am very pleased that we accomplished so much.  I usually do not have a lot of energy, so this was a significant day for me.

Along with clothes shopping at Penney’s and Old Navy, we went to Target to buy items for the new bathroom that we just renovated so I can take showers more comfortably.  (More on that later!)   The bathroom looks great (black and white with a “pop” of bright yellow!), and our daughter and son have some new clothes for the upcoming season.

Now, this shopping expedition did take its toll.  Four hours is the longest that I have been out in public in several months, and it left me exhausted.  I did have a physical therapy session today, which left me weak and drained.  My therapist “B” asked me what I did yesterday.  When I told her about the four-hour shopping trip, and the challenge of transferring into our minivan (for the first time since August), she just shook her head and said “THAT’S why you are having difficulty today — You are exhausted from doing too much!  You have over worked out and need to rest tomorrow so we can work together again on Wednesday.”

So here I am, resting, doing isometric exercises for my midsection, and recovering from my weekend shopping trip.  Another lesson for me — yes I do have MS — it should not prevent me from doing what I need and want to do, but it does affect HOW I do it.  So here’s to more lessons, lots more growth, and lots more shopping!



  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with the world and me 🙂

  2. Linda – I do enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the encouragement that I need to face my “little” challenges and enjoy them. Love you, Kareen

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