Posted by: sistermom1 | October 12, 2011

A Quick Update…

Remember the letter I wrote complaining about the care that I received when I was in the hospital back in August? Well, I did get a response from the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer. How wonderful to get a call, and for it to be so open, friendly and service-oriented. He spoke with me in detail about my experience, and shared that he would be meeting with the Chief of Nursing to review the details of my letter with her in the next week.  Here is a little bit of the letter :

“… Although I have been discharged and I am now at home recuperating, I did not want to neglect sharing my experience with you.  Many of the staff with whom I worked were helpful, supportive and positive, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.  I hope that the other nurses [I referred to earlier] can learn more about how to interact with patients in a more positive way.  “

I do hope that my letter makes a difference — especially for those patients who remain in the facility and who would benefit from more compassionate care.  It has made a difference to me — sharing my feedback in writing, openly and honestly without reservation in a way that really reflects my spirit, is something that I do not often do.  Once things are over, it has always been easier for me to just move on — if things are ok now, I just didn’t worry about the past, just go on to the next thing.  But something about that Empowered Patient book kept me from doing that this time.  It is not a big deal, but it does make a small difference, and that is important, if only for one person.  I am glad that I wrote and sent the letter.  I am happy that I shared my experience rather than just complaining about it to my famiy and friends.  I do hope that it makes a difference…



  1. I agree that it is very helpful to all parties to address issues like the ones you mentioned. Your letter probably saved someone else from having to go through what you went through. Glad it had a good ending. I would say YES, you did make a difference!

  2. It’s already made a difference in you!

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