Posted by: sistermom1 | October 7, 2011

Making Progress in P/T

Just started my second 6-week course of in-home physical therapy.  I get it three times a week, which has really pushed me.  Since my hospital discharge in August, I have had P/T at home for two days per week, which has been challenging to say the least.  “B”, my therapist, is phenomonal, and I really love her style and the way she deals with me.  She has over 10 years’ experience, along with knowledge of  the medical equipment industry, which has been very helpful as I have looked for a hospital bed, bedrails, and eventually a wheelchair.

There are times that I feel like I am fighting for my life.  Every day can be a real battle — with my spirit, with those who prefer me to handle things differently, with my current limitations (physical and emotional), with others perceptions about my health….and depending upon the day, I get battle weary and feel like taking a break.  But a break from what?  My life?  The struggle?  It becomes impossible to separate the two.  My life is a bit of a struggle these days, and it is a challenge to remember how blessed I really am.

Back to P/T.  It is truly a blessing to have a good therapist.  I have had a negative experience in the past, which ultimately helped me get in touch with my “empowered patient” (see an earlier entry!) and got me better care.  I learned that it is ok to ask for another therapist if it is not a good fit.  After all, they are providing you with a service, and you are paying for it (through your insurance).  “B” – my current therapist – is very talented, and under her guidance I have actually stood with a walker for 3 minutes, moved from the bed to my chair with a stand-pivot transfer, and gotten in and out of the bed on my own, among some other things!  These are all things that I could not do a month ago.  The progress is slow, but happening steadily, which is very encouraging when I am in the right frame of mind.  (The struggle continues…) 




  1. Sendind cyber hugs and positive thoughts your way. Thinking of you daily and wondering how I can be a better friend, resource, supporter, etc. I will find a way.

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