Posted by: sistermom1 | September 2, 2011

Reporting from the hospital

I had the Baclofen pump implanted (what a word – sounds like I am an alien!) on the 9th of August. I am writing this from the hospital, where I have been an in-patient since the 11th. Having physical therapy 4 times a day during the week has helped me get used to this new device and yet another new reality. Yes, things are different again — Here are the highlights:

I do not have pain anymore.
My legs and feet are not swollen anymore.
I can now separate my legs, bend my knees, and even lift one leg independently. I could do none of these things two weeks ago.

Anyone who has visited me here has commented on my facial expression and how relaxed and happy I look.  They have even accused me of having a facelift!  I have learned that the pain I have been in for the past four years was reflected on my face, despite my attempts to hide it.

There is much to share about this experience and I will — not all of it is good. The surgery was great and drama-free. Getting to the hospital for rehab was challenging, but the universe worked to make it happen smoothly. The therapists here are fabulous, caring, and hard-working, as are the “techs” who assist the nurses. Now the nurses are an unusual topic. I would estimate that 25% of the nurses I have dealt with here are strong, talented, compassionate and hard-working. Unfortunately the majority is very different – Negative, silent, severe, even lazy.  I am not the only patient having this experience, and I am not sure of the best way to handle it.  I have three more days here, and I do want to have an impact on how things here move forward.  I will be gone, but what about the others?  I am working on what to do about it, as well as how to keep moving forward on my rehab.  This is a short entry, but I will keep you posted….

I have had tremendous support from my husband, children, mother, siblings and girlfriends.  My heart smiles when I think about it, and my appreciation grows limitlessly.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!



  1. Linda, I had no idea you had surgery and are still in the hospital. I am thrilled you are painfree and feeling better. We are not at OAPS physically but our hearts are still there with the families. If there is anything I can do to help out please let me know. Taylor has moved to a new school but she wants to remain in girls scouts with her best buds. I hope to see you and your smiling heart soon


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