Posted by: sistermom1 | July 28, 2011

A Baclofen Pump?

To be honest, I have been in pain for the past few years.

The spasticity that I have had since 2007 has really been pretty intense.  I have gotten used to it over time, but when I stop to think about it, it is really major.  When I consider the most challenging parts of MS for me, it boils down to my spasticity.  It is at the root of the majority of my physical challenges.  It makes my legs impossible to move, or bend.  It has contributed to the flexion contracture that was diagnosed in my left leg several months ago.  It is why I can’t walk or drive, and makes it impossible for me to comfortably enter my shower. 

After two appointments to assess my spasticity, both specialists recommended that I consider having a baclofen pump implanted to help minimize the pain that I experience due to the severe spasticity that they observed.  Based on these two recommendations, I participated in a trial of the Baclofen pump, which was amazing.  The first two hours were followed by a session of physical therapy.  Each time I got more movement, and each time I was shocked by how the therapist was able to get my legs moving independently, and eventually I was able to stand on my own.  My pain was completely gone, and my spasticity completely vanished.  A miracle.  I had no idea how painful my life really has been.

We spoke in detail with the surgeon about the pump.  We spent three hours in his office talking with the nurses as well as the doctor answering many questions and having all of our questions answered.  He described the pump as “an alternate delivery mechanism for the meds you are already taking.”  I had not been thinking about it this way.  Now, I certainly admit that the mechanism is really different — not oral pills that really end up making me sleepy, but an internal pump that gets the medicine directly where it is needed — to my legs.

So, after all of the appointments and research (including reading the blogs) the procedure has been scheduled.  Although I am really nervous about it, I am looking forward to it.  I hope to get more out of my physical therapy sessions, to have less pain and to be able to exercise independently for the first time in several years.  If that does happen, it will definitely be worth it.

I will be on “radio silence” for the next few weeks, but please keep me in your prayers.  Let you know how it goes…..



  1. you are an amazing woman and i love and respect you. my thoughts and positive vibes are for relief and independence for you. love you, viki

  2. Best of luck in this new adventure. I look forward to hearing the results. I will be sending you positive energy and thoughts GG

  3. Thanks for the link to your blog. I will follow it – and keeping you in my prayers and positive wishes.

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