Posted by: sistermom1 | July 16, 2011

Adding More Team members

A while ago I read a book entitiled Lean on Me by Nancy Davis.  Nancy is a woman with MS and the book is a handbook for others who have been diagnosed with this health challenge.  In it, one of the major points she made was as a person with a chronic health condition, it was important for me to develop a team of health care providers to support me.  Having only a neurologist limits the support I get at any moment and keeps me in a “silo” of healthcare.  Since reading her book, my team has grown several times over, and my own role inf managing my health care has changed dramatically. 

I have written previously about another book, The Empowered Patient, which also enabled me to take the lead in managing my healthcare.  Combined with Lean on Me,  these two books have led to a dramatic shift in how I handle my healthcare.  Since reading these books, my team has grown exponentially, and now includes a new GP, a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, an acupuncturist, and a masseuse specializing in bioenergetic body work.

I met with a medical intuitive today. It was our second meeting, and I am moved by the things that he shared with me about me and my healthcare journey.  Without knowing much about my personal story, he spoke candidly about the part of me that is very angry with my body for not being able to do the things that I have always done.  He described my strong will — and talked about the negative components of it – that I often end up cutting off my own nose to spite my face.  (Yes, this is true…)  He spoke about my feeling about my body having this illness, and to remember that it is “…the tool that will enable me to teach others what ‘unlimited’ really can look like.”  He talked about how my body (with or without the MS) is the vessel through which the universe is working, and that I must not fear my mission/destiny.  He also shared an acronym for the word CHANGE:

Choice to Have Another Natural Growth Experience

As I sit here typing, I am thinking about how things are right at this moment for us.  Our kids are having great times at camp and at the beach.  It is the first time in 14 years that we have been alone together for an entire week, and to be honest it has been really great.  We even had a couple of dates.  I had some positive medical appointments which I will write about later.  I even had a conversation with that family member who I mentioned before had distanced themselves from us for over 4 years.

Yes, it does seem that I am in the midst of choosing another natural growth experience.  This leg of the journey has been rocky — I might even add painful at times — and it seems that the mountain just before me is ready to be climbed.



  1. I think I’ve had the silo effect for awhile now. Thanks for the heads up about the books. I will investigate them.

    • Hey Nicole!
      Thanks very much for checking out my blog! I hope that both books will be as helpful to you as they have been to me. Good luck, and I will be checking in with you…. Take good care of yourself.

  2. I just got the sample Kindle edtion of Lean on Me.
    It was good, but I haven’t tAken the plung and bought it yet.

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