Posted by: sistermom1 | June 19, 2011

Summer Vacation!

Today was our son’s last exam of this school year.  Our daughter ended her school year last Friday. It is summer break!  We now have a little over 2 months (didn’t it used to be three?) of easy schedules, picnics, summer camps, sleepovers and beach trips.  The kids are ready — I am not so sure that my husband and I are — but things are moving forward, ready or not!

Our traditional summer activity used to be swimming and going to the beach.  My health has put a limit on these activities for me, and my family too.  I am learning how to better navigate this new reality — without feeling very guilty or too apologetic to my family.  We can have a wonderful summer without lying on the beach, and we are planning to do just that, along with both successfully managing their summer math and reading assignments.

Our high schooler has done a great job successfully navigating through his freshman year.  To be honest, I had a harder time than he did.    We have recently discovered how challenging it was for him to finish the year strongly.  A couple of balls were dropped as we reached the end of the year – but really — who’s grade is it anyway?   Letting go and letting him take full responsibility for his grades has been yet another difficult lesson for me.  The kind of parenting required for a high schooler and middle schooler is dramatically different than the style of parenting required for elementary school-age children.  I am just realizing this — perhaps I have been focusing on my own health struggle and it’s potential effect on our children instead of on the best style of parenting  required for them to be successful at this point in their lives.

Unfortunately, since my MS diagnosis, one thing that I have struggled with is the summer heat.  For the first few years, I needed a steroid IV to help me deal with the overwhelming fatigue that I experienced due to the hot and humid summer months in our area.  Last year was the first year that I made it through the entire summer without needing a steroid infusion.  I am still unsure what is different — my new monthly meds may actually be helping along with the acupuncture treatments, but the jury is still out.

This will be my summer assignment —  Getting a better sense of what our kids need from us to support their meeting and exceeding next year’s academic challenges.  My health situation continues — but I promise not to let it overshadow our life together.


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