Posted by: sistermom1 | May 10, 2011

Filling in the Oval

We are in the midst of standardized testing at our house.  Our son is in high school, and at the end of the school year he is scheduled for several exams.  Getting him ready to take these exams has proven to be as challenging for me as for him. 

One of the things that I remember about taking these kinds of tests is being sure to have a number 2 pencil, and being careful to fill in the entire oval when you answer a question.  If you did not completely fill it in, the computer may misread your answer, which could possibly count against you in scoring.  That was something you did not want to have happen, so you were encouraged to fill it in completely.

For some reason that made me think about what living a complete and full life looked like — a completely filled in oval.  How do you live a complete life, in spite of the challenges that you face every day?  Filling in the oval is something I struggle to do every day.  This was not something I ever thought about before — what living a complete life looked like.  Before, my just being on the planet was enough for me to be considered complete — but that is not the case.  What am I doing to help others?  What am I doing to move myself and my family forward?  What meaning was I adding to my life and the lives of others around me?  Was I comfortable in my own skin, or was I moving beyond my own skin to make positive things happen in the world? 

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my current limitations — I can’t do what I am used to doing, and can’t have the physical effect that I am used to having in my environment.  I have had to re-examine how to define things like success, being a good mom,  and being an attractive woman just to name three.  Filling in the oval of my life requires me to be more thoughtful about what I am doing — what is my intent — why am I doing it in the first place — each of these is a question I did not pay much attention to in the past.  As a result of this detour I am definitely spending more time completing the ovals in my life.  I have studied a great deal, I have sharpened my number 2 pencils, and am using a clean answer sheet, so I am definitely ready to give this latest test my best shot.

Wish me luck.  I will let you know how it goes!


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