Posted by: sistermom1 | May 8, 2011

A Wonderful Surprise

I had a surprise from a very good friend last week. I saw “T” at our annual MS Women on the Move Luncheon fundraiser. He is a gracious, fun, smart, handsome, and  social person who everyone (including my 80 year-old mother and her table full of friends) absolutely loved. It was great seeing him, along with everyone who supported this annual event.

At the luncheon “T” shared that he had a major surprise for me in the coming week. After calling me to follow up, I was left to figure out what the surprise was — I would know the following Friday.  At noon that day the doorbell rang, and the first of three surprises arrived at my door. “F” was followed by “T”, “D”, and “D”. Four wonderful surprises who all brought lunch!

To review a little, I met these four wonderful people in 2006 during a year-long leadership training class. This was one year after my MS diagnosis.  At that time I was still walking freely, and had not shared my changing reality with anyone. Making new friends is hard enough after turning 50, but adding a life-changing diagnosis to the mix made it even more difficult. Through it all, these four people have been deeply supportive of me, even despite their individual challenges of job loss and change, raising young children, managing romantic relationships, and just living meaningful and joyous lives.

What wonderful friends these four have turned out to be!  We had a fun-filled lunch –so much that even my husband joined us! When they each returned to their respective workplaces I was left in deep appreciation for the gift of their friendship.  I do thank each of them for being in my life — staying in my life and supporting me through every step along this detour.

There was a time in my past when the only lunch I would have been interested in would have been lunch with a head of a major corporation discussing their next executive search assignment.  Not much else was on my radar back then.  For these four very busy people to make time in their crammed schedules having lunch laughing and eating at my kitchen table with me and my husband was truly very special indeed.

Thank you T, F, D and D!  Our time together was fabulous and I do not take it (or any of you!) for granted.



  1. Can we do a repeat performance with a few others from the class if i arrange it? what would be a good date. Raquel and i have been talking about coming to visit you for a while. Lisa

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