Posted by: sistermom1 | April 10, 2011

The Universe Always Responds

In my last entry I shared how badly I was feeling. I got several really supportive responses that not only made me smile, even laugh out loud in one case, but made me vow to take myself less seriously and not be so hard on myself.  Thank you all for your kind, loving words!

The universe responded to my cry with a big hug. I stumbled upon a reading about how important it is to give voice to whatever we are feeling when we feel it. It shared that the act of giving voice to our feelings has tremendous power, and in fact is “… the basis of all song…it works its healing, not so much by being heard as by the fact that in giving voice to what lives within, even through the softest whisper, we allow the world of spirit to soften our pain…In giving voice to what we feel, the darkest cry uttered with honesty can arrive as the holiest of songs.”

Reading this encouraged me about what I chose to blog about last week.  I realized that even sharing the negative aspects of my experience is a song of sorts, and that I should not feel embarassed that it was not as positive as I felt it should be.  All of it has a purpose, and enables me to connect more deeply with my own experience.  As a result, I can more easily connect with others, which ultimately makes this part of the world more positive, which helps the entire world be more connected in a positive way.

Encountering this reading, and a few others this past week, helped me realize that whatever I am experiencing is OK, and should be used as a tool for me to develop my own spirituality (Buddha nature as those who pratice Buddhism call it!).  I feel great appreciation to the universe for presenting me with another life lesson — this one without encountering tremendous suffering or loss — THANK YOU!



  1. Great post, Linda. A person who can mine the gold in every experience is living fully, and is being very Present. This is the kind of soul growth, I think, that probably shortens our reincarnation cycles!


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