Posted by: sistermom1 | February 26, 2011

My First Acupuncture

An acupuncturist came to my home today.  I have had so many health issues surface over the past few years, that I have come to believe that there must be a way to approach dealing with them systematically rather than with each condition independently.  It seems that energy work might be a good way for me to address the issues that I am having — my diagnosis of MS, my general spasticity, my total inability to walk, my recently diagnosed flexion contracture all combine to make me search for the best way to address these health issues. 

I did some energy work with a different professional last week and it was truly a positive experience.  It revealed many things to me, including how stuck I am (my words), and how the energy is not moving through my life very easily.  To help with this, I was referred to an acupuncturist with a large practice.  Unfortunately it is difficult for me to get to her office, so she referred someone who would be willing to see me in my home.  (There are so many services that I am learning can be received at home!)

Well, her visit was very helpful to me.  I really enjoyed our time together, even though she was sticking me with needles.  She was quite personable, lovely and calm, and she got to the core of many of my health concerns before she even began sticking me.  Yes, the needles were the thinnest I have ever seen, and I did not feel any discomfort as she worked from my stomach area down to my feet.  As I laid still, letting the chi that was activated flow through my body, I felt calm and at peace.  No, I did not miraculously jump off the bed, but I did feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Word is that I should plan on having acupuncture treatments weekly for about 6 weeks, then shift to alternate weeks for a time to see how I feel from there.  That will be my plan — along with reading much more about this to be a more empowered patient.  I have also recently changed my general practitioner to a practice that welcomes alternative approaches to health maintenance along with traditional western medicine.

I am determined that these actions will combine to move me closer to a stronger and healthier life.   Wish me luck!



  1. Great decision, Linda. And a good one to switch GPs also, I believe.
    Keep that energy moving!

  2. Congratulations Linda! — another step forward in your journey! As I go through my internship, I hope for a day when acupuncture will be a common experience for all.
    Love you much,

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