Posted by: sistermom1 | February 13, 2011

Living in the Human Realm

Because we live in the human realm, we of course experience problems and suffering. Life is filled with contradictions. But if we refuse to be defeated by them and persist in our faith, we are certain to advance along the path towards happiness and victory. This is the essential power of Buddhism.

I read this encouragement the other day and felt compelled to share it and to write about how it has impacted my life.  It reminds me that our goal in life is not to be problem-free.  In the past I really did have that as a goal in my life – I thought that the lives of glamorous people were really problem-free.  As I mature, I have begun to see that that is so untrue.  Just look at the past year for people like Lindsay Lohan, Halle Barry, Sandra Bullock, and Janet Jackson.  Glamorous, beautiful, famous women who along with the fame and all of the positives, have encountered major problems in their lives.  They were not exempt.  Neither is anyone who lives in the human realm.  

So what should we do when faced with major problems?  My typical reaction is to run and hide — wait for it to be over.  From reading some amazing things lately, and truly taking the time to experience my life moment by moment, I have come to realize that I must accept and face whatever problems appear bravely and embrace the learning opportunities that they provide. 

This illness has forced me to learn more about myself and those I care about so deeply.  Because of this struggle, my patience with others and myself has dramatically increased.  The quality of my attention to my children has dramatically changed, as has my acceptance of each one’s style and temperment.  My appreciation of my husband has increased dramatically – not just my gratitude for all that he does to keep our family going, but a deepening appreciation of the person he is — he is truly a great man, and we are very luck to have him in our lives. 

It has taken much prayer and reading to get to this point in my life.  I do refuse to be defeated by the problems and challenges that I face.  Prayer and spiritual support, as well as taking the time to really pay attention to everything that surrounds me and my family (the good and the bad!), combine to help me get on a positive pathway that will bring me to a wonderful place – with whatever problems I face.


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