Posted by: sistermom1 | January 14, 2011

Acceptance vs. Resistance

I had a realization this week that I continue to work through.

Recently, it occured to me that I have shifted my consciousness a bit.  Maybe it’s my prayers, and it may also be the wonderful information I have been exposed to lately through Hay House. (For example, in one recent broadcast, Marianne Williamson shared that even reading spiritual information starts a shifting process in your life — even before you make any changes.)   At any rate, I have begun to raise the spiritual curtain between 1) resigning myself to my health challenges and 2) accepting (even welcoming)my health situation as a gift and moving forward.

The gap between the two options is where I find myself living on a daily basis. I am learning that whatever is is OK. Moving forward with an understanding and acceptance of what is – rather than resisting/hating it supports my ability to make positive changes in the future, and I don’t get stuck.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t continue making all efforts to get healthier.  It also doesn’t mean that I don’t get sad at times about my health.  (“J”, if you are reading this, I do NOT mean clinically depressed, just a little melancholy at times — a very normal thing…smile!)  Rather than spending time feeling bothered about my current challenges (bitching, moaning and complaining about how difficult it is for me and how unfair life is), I am better about accepting the reality of those challenges and taking informed, empowered action to get better.

As I work through this attitude adjustment, I look around at my life and am truly grateful.  I am fortunate that I have a great husband and family.  My husband is here with me — not the norm according to many surveys of men married to women with chronic health conditions.  He has made sure that I have just about everything that I need — two electric wheelchairs (yay craig’s list!), a ramp to access the bathroom (he made it himself), renovating the kitchen (he is much more open to that!)  These are just a few examples.  He also cooks for the family everyday and takes the kids to their activities throughout the week.  I am truly very fortunate to have him as my life partner.  My appreciation for him (as well as for my children and extended family and friends) grows deeper every day, and I will do better telling all of them that on a regular basis.

I am blessed to say that I do have all that I need, which is more than many people can honestly say.  I am learning how to accept help from family and friends  (working through my ego and independent nature….), and how to accept my current health challenges while moving forward towards a time when I can walk and drive again — no matter how long that takes!



  1. Dear SisterMom1

    Sounds great! LOL.


  2. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I am very moved by the transparency and honesty of your words. you are clearly growing and changing in some very positive ways. I am glad that you found the Hay House material, as it definitely has the potential to give your perspective a turbo charge.
    Much love,

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