Posted by: sistermom1 | November 24, 2010

Becoming a Beautiful Stone

During one of several Hay House Radio sessions that I have listened to recently,  (  I heard something that really touched me — something that I continue to keep in my heart… 

“The most beautiful stones have been tossed by the wind and washed by the water — polished to brilliance by life’s strongest storms.”

There has been a great deal of learning for me during this detour.  Much of it has been about myself.  Through my listening to a series of webinars about living a great life, I have been exposed to a few ideas that have dramatically changed the way I view/approach my current life challenges:

– Inviting MS to live in my body peacefully.  This idea is very foreign to me, but is a very interesting approach to having a chronic condition like MS.  This idea opens my spirit to the notion that  I don’t have to fight this using hard power.  I can win in this situation, whether or not I completely eradicate this condition.  This goes way beyond what people call “positive thinking”.  Beyond your thoughts about something, this is more about how you deal with the thing in your daily life, and the attitude with which you greet every moment of the day, whether or not the problem has been solved.

– Faith is for Winning — Through buddhist practice and study, I am reaching the conclusion that through my faith, my basic goal is not to eliminate all of the obstacles in my life, but to be positive and victorious in spite of whatever problems/obstacles I may be experiencing at the time.  One speaker called it being happy for no reason, which she defined this way:  “People who are happy for no reason don’t look to their life experiences to extract their happiness — they bring their happiness to their life experience.”

– We heal from the outside in (e.g. Western medicine) and from the inside out (e.g. meditation and prayer).  This idea got me thinking about how much power I give to my physicians in determining my health outcomes.  Not that they don’t know what they have been trained to see, but there is much about our lives that cannot be explained, much less seen.  This reminded me that my ichinen (determination in the moment) determines the result of anything that happens to me or my family.  It reminds me also about the importance of my prayer, and that I need to keep praying and meditating consistently to bring my body and my life to the highest state of wellness.  No illness can thrive/advance with that kind of energy around it.

– The role of fear — I absolutely need to release the fear that remains in my heart.  We do have a choice in every situation in which we find ourselves — to be a host to love or a hostage to fear.  I find that my worries often rule me — if my husband is out longer than I think he should be, I worry that he has been in an accident, and fight the urge to call him  on his cell.  He unevitably arrives back home within 5 minutes of my nervous negative thoughts.  When my children are late, I worry that they have been abducted by a sexual offender, and I start looking out the window and dreading the phone ringing.  I also worry that my style tends to overpower the styles of my friends.  We have a few mutual acquintances who really do not like me, and who have expressed that to other people within  my extended circle.  I start to feel guilty about this, as if everyone is supposed to like me…..These fears seem very real at the time, but it always turns out very positively.

 According to the Course in Miracles, “It is not up to you what you learn, but merely whether you learn through joy or through pain.”   These lectures reminded me that the universe itself is not mean — it will always conspire with us – with our love or with our fear – it is up to our energy.  Hearing this resonated deeply for me, because I have seen this in my own life.  This leaves me determined to learn through joy – and to encourage myfamily members to do the same.

I remain determined to become a brilliantly polished stone….



  1. Linda, I love this posting. It inspires and speaks to me in a deep and valuable way. Thanks for putting out your heart and wisdom through powerful words. — Lorraine

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