Posted by: sistermom1 | October 3, 2010

Shifting as I Write

My friend “L” recently loaned me two videos.  Watching them has really affected me.  Full disclosure — I have been a major consumer of many “self-help” books in the past.  To be honest, I  haven’t seen a book by  Dr. Phil, Dennis Kimbro, Robin Wright, Marianne Williamson, or Eckhart Tolle that I haven’t at least started reading – if not always finished.  I do believe that much of the information presented in these books is recycled-but-powerful interpretations of  ideas that are proven  philosophies.

The videos were “The Shift” and “You Can Heal Your Life”.  You probably already know about these, but indulge me as I write about how seeing these videos has helped me.  There is much I could share, but there were three main ideas that have stayed with me.

1. What is true in the morning of your life is false in the afternoon – The things that work well for you in your twenties and thirties (e.g.; ambition, aggression, competition, networking primarily for personal growth, etc.) tend not to work as effectively once you are in your 40’s and beyond.  Early on, our lives tend to be externally focused with emphasis on doing more, getting more, and being perceived as better/stronger/smarter than others.  That tactic becomes less useful to us as we grow older, and the things we need to do to be successful as we mature become more internally focused, and are based in deeper meaning. 

2. Your thoughts determine your experience.   Our thoughts are energy that attract similar energy.  What you think about grows stronger.  I have already seen this many times in my own life, and the video reminded me to seriously consider my conscious and unconscious thoughts, as they are messages that I am sending out to the universe that is waiting to make them a reality.

3. A new definition of  the word “ego”.  Dr. Wayne Dyer discussed the word ego.  When he encounters an active ego in himself or other people, he remembers the acronym E.G.O. – Edging God Out.  When the ego is running things, the person believes that they are totally in control of the situation and the outcome.  They are not releasing their own control to allow the universe to work.  This really resonated for me, and for my own comfort with the phrase, I replaced the G with the word “Goodness”.

These are three ideas of several that these two videos left me considering.  As a result of viewing them, I am already shifting my thinking and understanding of how the universe actually works.  As a Buddhist, these are not new ideas.  They are wrapped in a different package that makes the strictness of the Law of Cause and Effect more palatable, acceptable and nuanced. 

I have started doing more positive affirmations every day, and I already am feeling a difference in my energy level.  I have also been re-wiring my own thinking about my illness and how to live a joyful life whether or not I am sick.  Checking my own ego (which I have begun to see is pretty actively involved in my daily life – something I must check) is a major undertaking.  I do keep receiving the gift of clear sight when my ego is taking over, and the ability to slow down and make a different choice right in the midst of  whatever I am facing lately.  These are good things that I never have consciously sought, but I really do appreciate…



  1. Linda, your video summary is a powerful reminder to vigilantly shift my thinking via rewiring and up my energy via affirmations and speaking good into the universe. Thanks for the refreshing. — Love, Lorraine

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