Posted by: sistermom1 | September 9, 2010


Despite the complaints in my previous posting, I do have many blessings in my life.  MS has brought many of these blessings to the light in a way that I could never have predicted.   These include:

– The friends who continue to love and support me
– My wonderful family (both my family of origin and my husband and kids)
– The incredible support I receive from the universe every day

I posted earlier about my home no longer rising up to meet me.  After spending a lovely afternoon with a good girlfriend, I was reminded about many of the things about my home that make me blessed to be here.   We bought our home 15 years ago from a family that included a child who used a wheelchair.  As a result there were many things already in our home that I did not need when we purchased it, nor could I foresee ever needing: 

– Our home has a ramp from the garage into the house

– It also has a ramp from the family room to the kitchen

– The 1st floor bathroom is handicapped accessible

I did not actively appreciate having these things at my disposal before my friend (I will call her “L”) asked me about them.  Her questions made me stop and think about the other things that I do have that make it physically easier for me each day:

– I can get outside in this beautiful early-fall weather to our mailbox using my electric wheelchair

– We have hardwood floors, which make wheelchair use much easier

– We were able to afford to install a chairlift for the central staircase

Suffice it to say that “L” made me clear about much of what I am blessed to have in my life at this significant leg of my detour.  What am I doing with all of the blessings?  How do I move forward?  As I have come to expect, an answer to my prayer arrived in the mail.  I read an article in the SGI weekly newspaper The World Tribune which shared the experience of a young woman who has struggled with cerebral palsy, and her fight to accept and celebrate her life in spite of her health challenges.  She shared that she had spent a lot of time resenting her body for being ill.  She wrote that after studying a lecture by Daisaku Ikeda about the buddhist concept of  the three obstacles and four devils, she “realized that through my buddhist practice,I could transform the suffering of illness.  [I chant] with the feeling that I have a mission for world peace, and that I would someday heal my body and encourage others with my story….Practicing Buddhism has taught me that my body is my appropriate form.  It is no mistake that I have this body.  Without these physical obstacles…I wouldn’t be the real me.”

I am working to develop the depth of understanding that this young woman has developed.  Although I have practiced Buddhism for over 25 years, I continue to learn every day exactly how powerful it really is through the experiences of others as well as myself.  I have to thank “L” – not only for the great visit, but for reminding me how blessed I am and inspiring me to keep moving forward on this detour!



  1. Dear SisterMom1,

    Good vibrations!!May your faith sustain you and your friendships
    continue to bless and nuture you.


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