Posted by: sistermom1 | July 24, 2010

Another postcard from the cruise

I am looking at the pictures that we took on the cruise.  You know, the cheesy ones that cost way too much.  As I look at them, I am so happy that we opted  to purchase them (and pay too much for them!) These are the first close-up pictures that I have of myself and my husband since we got married 15 years ago. (we are a bit camera-shy!)  The best pics we have had of our children are those typical school pictures – the ones in their formal uniforms. at school, so these were absolutely lovely to have.  Everyone was relaxed and happy — no stress at all — and everyone looks like all is well.  And it really was!  You may say “Of course they look rested and happy — after all it’s vacation”!   But I see something behind the smiles that is really inspiring to me. 

In every picture my family looks really deeply happy and like they are having a great time being together.  Although I am in a wheelchair and life as I know it has changed dramatically, even I look happy and really relaxed.  Our trip was an incredibly freeing experience for me – being more comfortable in my own skin and learning how to navigate a new setting more independently than I have in the past gave me lots of opportunities to look at myself and my current reality objectively.  I had time to consider my life on my own — without my being simply a reflection in my family’s eyes.

We do have so many blessings in our lives.  This trip (“vacation” – see my earlier post!) was only one beautiful example.  The time spent with my family and good friend was tremendous.  I rarely take the opportunity to sit quietly with my own thoughts and observations (other than when I am blogging!), and this experience gave me many chances to do that throughout the days at random times without seeming selfish or out of rhythm with the rest of my family.  It was a real gift that I will always cherish.

My daughter has extracted a promise from me that in 2012 we will go on another cruise.  Who knows – by then I may even be walking on my own…but either way, we will certainly have a wonderful time together — just like this time!


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