Posted by: sistermom1 | July 1, 2010

Summer Camp

For the first time, my ten-year old daughter is away from home at a sleep-away camp. Actually she went last year, but we ended up driving to camp 4 times to comfort her and encourage her to stay (thank God that my husband’s schedule is so flexible!) This time, she called today to say hello and to let us know that she was having a great time. We had just been talking about her and hoping that she was doing well immediately before she called.

My daughter being away has given me the chance to think about our life together. I rely on her so much during our days together. She always goes with me to the bathroom when we are out to make sure that the bathroom is really accessible (a few have not been, despite the placard). She watches out for me and always keeps an eye out for me. 

No surprise, our life as a family has been deeply affected by my MS.  My daughter often does so many things with and for me that most of her friends do not need to do for their mothers.  As a result, she is protective over me, and tends to worry about me.  Her being away has helped me realize how different her life is than that of her peers, and how much she needed to get away.  I think that’s probably true for my entire family – we all need a break from the daily “grind” of life with MS.  My son has enjoyed a week at the beach with a friend and his family, my daughter has had a week at sleep-away camp.  We all leave for a week-long cruise with my mother, brother and good girlfriend in July, and we all are looking forward to (and need) that!

I hope my daughter really enjoys the rest of this week.  She deserves some time to live without the challenges that my diagnosis presents.  I will welcome her back with open arms, and plan to work hard to be more thoughtful about our interactions.  I will most likely still need her help from time to time,  but I plan on being more considerate of her needs, and of the fact that she is a lovely, wonderful, responsible ten-year old girl who sometimes just needs to be a kid.


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