Posted by: sistermom1 | June 13, 2010

More Lessons from the Detour

This detour continues to be a true learning experience. 

Being diagnosed with MS in 2005 was a tremendous shock.  Needing a hip replacement in 2007 was an additional shock.  Both occurences were a real challenge to my faith.  How could this be happening to me?  And better yet — why?   I received some encouragement from a good friend this morning.  It focused on the ideal way for those who are practicing Buddhism to respond when facing disappointments and challenges:

“ is in the moment of very human emotion that we can profoundly strengthen our faith.  Faith that is not challenged doesn’t have a chance to grow.  The secret is to sieze that moment of suffering and disappointment…and do something great.”

I am determined to continue this detour with that message deeply ingrained in my heart.  I am learning much through this experience.  So much more than I would ever have learned without it.  Through this challenge I am being forced to rely on and develop my faith to show real proof of how to live successfully when facing this type of challenge. 

This pathway I am travelling is much more than a simple detour.  This detour IS my journey – – not a dry run, but my actual life.  This is so much different than I ever expected it to be — a much different journey than I ever expected to be travelling.  I am working hard not to be in a position that is stuck in regret, resistance or denial.  I am working to use this experience to strengthen my faith, and be a better example of the power of Buddhism to other people.

Another postcard from the detour (oops!  I mean journey!)  Having a great time – glad that you are here!!!!


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