Posted by: sistermom1 | June 1, 2010

It’s the last week of school…

Well, we have begun the last week of the school year.  It is a crazy, fun, hectic time and I do look forward to it.  This year, my son is graduating from middle school, and my daughter is ending elementary school. 

Starting both high school and middle school in September makes next year a big year for both of our kids — and for me and my husband too. Managing new schools with new expectations and new standards will be a challenge for all of us, particularly since I am unable to do the traditional “Mom thing” of being around school, going to all of the PTSA meetings and being flexible enough to come to school on my own when needed.   Also, helping our son manage his own high school experience while helping our daughter succeed in a new middle school should be a real challenge for all of us.

My physical limitations notwithstanding, we are all in for a huge new experience.  This is something that I find difficult to manage, because life as I have known it has changed so dramatically over the past few years.  You have already read about all of the things that I am no longer able to do as easily as I used to do, so I won’t list them here (again!).

The school year is ending, and it has been a good one for both my son and daughter, which means it was a good one for the entire family.   Despite the real challenges that my health has created for myself and our family, each child had a successful year with strong academic performances and made several good friends.  I am very grateful for this, and look forward to a wonderful summer with my husband and kids.

I continue to work on improving my mobility through daily exercise.  I have  a new goal for myself – to be able to stand and walk on my own by my birthday in October.  With my bolder exercise program, a new drug that significantly helps with walking in MS (, and lots of focused prayer, I feel confident that I can achieve my goal.  Through reading encouragement from Daisaku Ikeda, I was inspired and reminded about one of the real purposes of illness in life:

Illness is part of life. From the perspective of Buddhism, the important thing is to summon the courage to fight it with the determination to make a breakthrough. True health is found in a positive and constructive attitude.

So, it’s the last week of school.  Everyone is happy – including me, and I am determined to make this summer great – for our family in general as well as for me specifically.  I am developing a “positive and constructive attitude” and will send more postcards from the summer portion of this detour…..


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