Posted by: sistermom1 | April 11, 2010

Lessons from MS

I am learning much from this leg of my detour: 

I don’t have to physically be in it to influence it/make a difference.

This part of the journey is leading me to think about the things I had always assumed that we would do without even thinking.  My brother recently pointed out that re-thinking these things might be good for our family, since one thing that I would do without being forced to think is write a check for private school and call it a day.  This is forcing me to think about everything that I do and ask myself some hard questions – which may actually be a good thing.

Our kids are getting older and do not need me in the same way they needed me when they were in elementary school.  And that is exactly how it should be, especially since I cannot be there in the way that I would like to if I could.

ANTs are more active in my life than I ever thought they would or could be.  I first heard about ANTs from Dr. Daniel Amen in a PBS TV show.  ANTs are those Automatic Negative Thoughts that many of us have during a normal day that we often accept and don’t challenge.  Some of mine have been:

– I can’t handle that/it will be too hard to do.

– Going anywhere with me is a big inconvenience for other people.

– I am too fat/old/big/(fill in the blank) to do that/ be there.

– I can’t ask you (or anyone else) for that.

– I am too needy and should dial it back.

Each of these are difficult lessons – challenging ones.  I am not quite sure how to deal with them, but here they are- and they place me in the middle of what I would call my Ph.D program.  Will I graduate with honors?  That is my goal, but the jury is still out, and I am working hard.



  1. When you figure out how to counter act ANTs please let me know! We all have them… We all must deal with them. In my new business venture I deal with them every day. I find myself having my ANTs reiforced everytime I speak with certain people in my life. Thoughts are the most powerful energy force in the universe. Let’s try creating some APTs (automatic positive thoughts) and see how we both do in this Ph.D program! Love you

  2. I’ve never heard the term ANT’s but they are real and present and we all certainly deal with them. I too will work to couteract those negative thougths with APT’s. Linda, you are an inspiration to me and others. I love you friend!

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