Posted by: sistermom1 | March 26, 2010

Postcard from Spring Break

Our kids have been on spring break this week. I have not been feeling up to taking a major trip – big vacations have not been my thing over the last couple of years. I require so much equipment everywhere I go, it has become more than a notion. 

We eventually went to a lovely place a couple of hours away, a place that we have been before, and had a great time. Everyone really needed a break.  I am still recovering from our drama-filled high school decision.  I am still feeling pretty unsettled about everything, but  I am moving forward with the rest of my family, hopefully towards a solid, happy ending.

While we were away, I had the most vivid and memorable dream I can ever remember having.  Perhaps the change of venue and sleeping in a different bed enabled me to be open enough to have this dream.  I don’t know, but one week later I can still recall every detail – I am still trying to internalize and understand the messages that I was sent.

Our spring break is ending, and I am not sure exactly what I was supposed to have learned or experienced.  Today was a beautiful spring day.  The kids had their last basketball games (they both won – thankfully!).  We went to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie (it was a solid “B”), and got smoothies from Smoothie King (my absolute favorite treat). 

In addition to everything else that has been going on I have been focusing on my health very strongly this month.  Talking to our insurance companies aboout medical and dental coverage, getting my questions answered about Medicare (my coverage will begin in May), following up with my GP, gynecologist, and even my acupressurist to schedule appointments for the next month.  To top it off, I have decided to change to a new neurologist who will be more responsive to my needs.  (YAY me!!!!!)

I have grown tired of focusing so much on myself, and am taking up the 29 gifts challenge again.  I have written about it in earlier posts, but if you would like to learn about it and possibly join me, check out


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