Posted by: sistermom1 | March 2, 2010

Continuing on the Detour

According to writer Maria Rilke, “There is only one journey.  Going inside yourself”.

During this detour I often think of this quote – and a speech by Daisaku Ikeda in which he speaks of our greatest journey being one of the internal universe within each of us.  His words have encouraged me during many days when I have felt blocked, limited and completely at a loss.  They remind me that this detour that I am on is not a quick errand, but a prolonged journey and that ultimately this is a journey within myself – that through this experience, I am learning more about myself and my environment, and the true power that I do have to improve my life and fulfill my mission.

I remain determined to have a complete, enjoyable, meaningful life.

There are times when the pain that I  find myself in is overwhelming.  The searingly painful muscle spasms can often bring tears to my eyes, which can trigger emotional tears.  I find this often happens after I have pushed myself in exercise, which then becomes an obstacle that keeps me from pushing myself further.  A circle begins….

(By the way, the Valentine’s Day gifts I wrote about in an earlier post did finally arrive and were eagerly accepted and appreciated by my kids and my husband.  I continue to be amazed and encouraged by the internet and what a wonderful tool it is to help me to get things done that would be very difficult for me to get done otherwise.)

I am beginning to realize and accept that this “detour” is really my journey – my life.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t get better, or that things won’t change for us.  It just means that this “is what it is” as my father often said as we were growing up.  I SO used to hate that as a youngster – and I never quite understood what he meant.  These days, I am getting a better idea about what that statement could mean. ..

Accept and welcome life as it comes without wasting time wishing things were different than what you are currently experiencing.  This moment is all you ever have, so  make the most of it, do your best with it, enjoy it as much as you can- it is definitely a gift to do with what you will.

Thanks Daddy!  I am trying to remember this very important lesson, and  I love and miss you every day….



  1. Powerful words as always Linda, and I always love the quotes!

    Someone in my family just received an MS diagnosis – it’s been a little overwhelming, but like you, he is remaining positive with a take-control attitude to manage the Journey.

    I will absolutely be relaying your positive attitude and determination as an example of how one manages in times of stress. Truly inspirational.

    • Thanks Diane,
      I appreciate you continuing to check out my blog, and am glad that it is still a positive experience. I hope that your family member has good support, and if he needs any advice/suggestions, please feel free to send him this blog whenever he is ready. Take care, and I have your girl scout cookies!

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