Posted by: sistermom1 | February 16, 2010

On the struggle

“Struggling against great difficulty enables us to develop ourselves tremendously.  Difficulty can be a source of dynamic growth and progress.”

I read this quote  from Daisaku Ikeda today after receiving some news from my neurologist.  The results from my DEXA Scan are in, and my bones are definitely thinning.  Not quite ready for osteoporosis medicine, but I should be making efforts to protect myself.  Because I have not been able to walk on my own for the past 3 years, and because I sit in a wheelchair most days, my bones are getting weaker from lack of use.  Bearing weight on my legs has become an even bigger issue than I ever expected.  Taking calcium and vitamin D daily is no longer optional for me – it’s a must.  Standing up regularly throughout the day is also a must, even though I so do not feel up to standing.

After the doctor told me in a very clinical fashion the things that I need to do now, I decided that I really need to make several changes.  I called the nurse practitioner who formerly worked with my neurologist.  She recently took a new job at a different, well-known MS Clinic, and I was very disappointed about that.  I did track her down and she called me back (same day!) and we had a great chat about exactly what was happening with me, why, and what I needed to do now and why.  She even sent a message to my husband.

Despite feeling like my world had been rocked yet again by this newest health news, I was so encouraged by my conversation with the nurse practitioner that I am ready to change to the MS center where she currently works.  After all, I do need healthcare that is responsive, and that is caring and informed.  I love Kathleen, and I am going back to her.  My health struggle continues, but I do hope that this pathway brings me closer to walking on my own, and enjoying this journey a bit more, growing with each challenge….and using this latest difficulty as “a source of dynamic growth and progress”.

I will keep you posted on how everything goes…..


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