Posted by: sistermom1 | February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!

On this Valentine’s Day,  we remain surrounded by snow, and it is a cold, white-covered neighborhood.  It’s like every house and every tree is covered with marshmallow icing — like a Thomas Kinkade painting.   It is really beautiful sitting here looking out the window.

I have also been tracking the Valentine’s Day presents that I ordered online last week for the kids and for my husband that were supposed to be here yesterday.  They have not yet arrived, but Fedex says they are enroute. It’s Sunday – of a long weekend.  I don’t expect to see them until Tuesday.  Better late than never I guess…..

When  I made it downstairs this morning there were a dozen white roses in a beautiful vase on my desk with a lovely card from my husband.  It totally surprised me.  He usually does not buy cut flowers, and when he does they are often from the grocery store (which I actually hate, truth be told.  I prefer them from a florist!)  My husband does express his love differently than I do – something that I am only really beginning to understand after 15 years of marriage.  The book The Five Love Languages helped me begin to see this a bit more clearly.  It really helped me not take things like this so personally – contrary to my opinion, things are not always about me (smile!)

On this Valentine’s Day weekend, we took the kids out to dinner and a movie.  Great food and enjoyable movie (rated PG).  Everyone is still recovering from the blizzard, including the shopping malls, but we had a great time and I was able to navigate through the piles of snow fairly easily.  I think about people with similar challenges getting around in the Mid-West, or even up North, where it snows much more than here.  How do they successfully navigate through the snow with an electronic wheelchair?

I continue to learn a lot about myself and my family.  My journey continues this Valentine’s Day – with snow on the ground, gifts on the way, and two more days out of school (Monday and Tuesday were already days off at my kids’ school….),  I remain determined to have a happy life full of positive experiences and to become a shining example of happiness, love, and patience for all of them – NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!


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