Posted by: sistermom1 | February 2, 2010

February, 2010 – Appreciating Every Day

One of the many lessons I am learning through my experience with MS is to take the time to enjoy and appreciate everything that happens with me as it occurs, rather than as an afterthought.  Being in the moment – “in the Now”, as Eckart Tolle writes, is becoming my way of actively being in the world – even when the now is really challenging and much different than what I had ever hoped for.

Based on feedback from my therapists, spouse and several girlfriends, I seem to look much better than I have looked in a while, and appear to have much more energy.  To be honest, I have been feeling more energetic lately, and have even felt strong enough to do a little cooking and baking with my daughter these past two weeks.   From what I have heard from others with MS, the new meds I am on take some time to show their effectiveness and the first thing that you will notice is often a change in your general energy level.

I am taking time to really appreciate this subtle but meaningful change, along with several others:

– I have better bladder and bowel control (or being more mindful about what my body needs at any given time),

– I have been getting a better night’s sleep every night this past week,

– The beautiful snowfall that we experienced this weekend (it could have been during the school week, which would have been a hot mess!),

– I am even considering taking on co-leadership of a MS support group in the County where I live and not feeling completely overwhelmed by the thought!

– Just got news of the FDA approval of a new drug to help people with MS who have challenges walking.  Called Ampyra, it has been on the horizon for some time, and is due out next month.  I am definitely planning to give it a try, but check out the National MS Society website for the latest info.

– Having physical therapy this week after missing several days because of family issues.  I absolutely love my therapist, and the entire staff at the National Rehab Hospital’s Olney, MD location! 

What I can say today is that I am working on having deep appreciation for everything that happens to me, no matter what.  That is helping me to start each day with a more positive, hopeful attitude, end each day with more energy and more productive exchanges with my husband and children, and enjoy the things I need to accomplish during my day rather than just crossing off my daily list of to do’s.

Despite the groundhog’s prediction of 6 more weeks of winter, my heart is warm and full.  I still have much left to accomplish, and am confident that I will make every one of my dreams come true – with or without MS…..


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