Posted by: sistermom1 | November 24, 2009

It’s Thanksgiving!

I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming holiday. It was my Grandmother’s favorite holiday, and growing up my mother made it very special with all of the china and silver and SO much delicious food!  My entire life, Thanksgiving has meant so much.  Even as my own family grew, the annual family get together was always a can’t miss event.  Even after my 2005 diagnosis of MS, Thanksgiving is not to be missed. 

In 2007, I came home from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day after a much-needed hip replacement. I was thankful to be home, and it was a real challenge for me to be so physically limited by my recuperation.  My extended family even postponed celebrating the holiday until I got home, and we had a Thanksgiving dinner potluck on paper plates on the day after Thanksgiving.  I felt sad that my health was creating this major shift in our celebration, but I was thankful that most of my family was around and cooking and handling the logistics.  Dinner was delicious – especially after all of the hospital food I had been eating for the past three weeks.

Thanksiving 2008 was better – not as much better as I had hoped, as it was still difficult to stand or walk on my own, but I could help a little with the preparation.  It was closer to the holidays of my memory, which was wonderful for me.

This year,Thanksgiving  finds me still unable to walk unassisted.  I am on new MS medicines which should help, I am seeing  a trainer on a weekly basis,  and I am seriously chanting every day for improved health and a happy family life.  This holiday I am thankful for many things – my husband and children, and how well they have managed this shift in my reality,  my incredible sisterfriend circle, the staff from the school that my children attend – they have literally wrapped their arms around my children to help them navigate through the changes that this diagnosis has brought.  I am also thankful for the wonderful encouragement that I have encountered on this detour from so many sources (e.g. Oprah, the 29 day giving challenge, my wonderful mother, the author Sarah ban Breathnach, Daisaku Ikeda and the SGI…)

MS continues to play a major part in my life this Thanksgiving.  We are going to have dinner in a restaurant this year (smile).  I am hopeful as I look into a new year, that I will walk in 2010, but on the (very!) outside chance  that does not happen, I remain determined to be happy, to help my family and friends become happy, and to live a life full of value every single day – not only on Thanksgiving!


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